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Stakeholder Meeting on Mikoko na Jamii project “Mission Green Initiative”

Mikoko na Jamii project being in its third phase of the mission green, on April 30th 2019, stakeholders who have been taking part in the project had a chance to meet at Aqua-Farms Organization, Dar es Salaam.

In this generous meeting, AFO had an opportunity to report on the progress of the project, through all previous restoration phases, along with challenges which are now opportunities for the project to profile.

Group photo after the meeting of mikoko na jamii stakeholders

Following the report, Mikoko na Jamii project has been able to restore 10,000 peri-urban mangroves where 5,200 at Mbweni and 4,800 at Kunduchi Dar es Salaam.


Moreover, the project has been able to involve well the community and as the key driver to the project providing them with alternative sustainable was of using mangroves to make a living, the project until then has given 4 modern beehives and needed gears for protection against bees.

Discussion on the future aspect on Mikoko na Jamii

The project had been able to bring more than 200 volunteers at different phases of restoration, where they had an opportunity to collect and restore mangroves. Alongside with that, the project has a greater expansion in media outreach where through different television and radio programs, YouTube documentary and social media usage to influence and involve all those in love to make the world a better place.


With all the above, the meeting was also able to restructure some issues for better successes in the restoration, the project will now be seeking for alternatives beyond seedling planting and this involves the assessment of hydrological and social aspects that were not addressed in the previous phases.

With alternative livelihoods, the project is looking forward to train the community on economic beekeeping.


Written by 

Prisca Issangya &  Jerry Mang’ena 

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