In Friday Morning November 30 2018 the National Quarry life Awards 2018 winners were announced at Tanzania Portland Cement Company Wazo Hill, The Tanzania TPCC manager awarded £5000 for the 1st runners Mr. Fadhili Malesa, Alex Benjamin and Jerry Mang’ena won first prize on community stream with a project titled COMMUNITY-BASED ECONOMIZATION OF REHABILITATED FISH PONDS AT WAZO HILL QUARRY 

The project was designed to demonstrate how to convert existing rehabilitated quarry pits for integrated aquaculture and building capacity on fish and poultry farming, vegetable cultivation as well as planting fruit trees. The project was aimed at fostering biodiversity conservation, practical awareness on biodiversity and the potential use of quarry areas for integrated fish farming as the best way of income generation, ecosystem conservation, and creating employment to both youth and women around TPCC Company.

The project results showed the feasibility of integrated fish farming in the quarry, outreaching the community around more than 170 peoples around the Company. Also, the project has enhanced biodiversity attraction (macrofauna and flora) in the quarry. As well as showed economization (Cost benefits analysis) of ecosystem conservation through integrated fish farming. It took more step by conducting 16 free consultation services on Integrated fish farming to people who attended the training around TPCC and to the moment 6 trainee has started backyards fish farming.

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