Aquatic Resources Education Programme

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One amongst our organizational objective is to support conservation and management of aquatic environment for sustainability. The organization implements this  through continuous Monthly  program known as  ” Aquatic Resources education program” which started on 2017 with secondary school students  taking sciences subjects,  in order to  expose  them to wide ranges of career in aquatic environment and ecosystems and ways they could take part in management of these natural resources.

The project  expanded to University Students taking water related courses, with aim of enabling them  in assessing their own rivers by using a rare but cost effective reliable method  that uses aquatic invertebrates in determining   health status of Tanzanian Rivers   aquatic invertebrates in determining   health status of Tanzanian Rivers. This is to ensure  further management, conservation, sustainability and recommendations.

The Organization has been able to work collaboratively with Department of Aquatic sciences and Fisheries, at University of Dar es Salaam, in field tutorial assistants. Furthermore  some of its Members have been able to work with AFRICAN WILDLIFE FOUNDATION under sustainability and inclusive strategy for Growth corridors in AFRICA ( SUSTAIN-AFRICA), towards  a simple bio monitoring tool to measure river health with community based  to ensure that local people  who are water users are able to asses their own rivers.

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