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Call for internship!

Aqua-Farms Organization is calling for 4 interns to take part in citizen science research that it includes bioassessment see more in the link below. Ngerengere River Requirements  Be a student at your last year of BSc or  Msc in limnological or aquatic-related program Interest to learn and engage in citizen science Willing to pursue several

Stakeholder Meeting on Mikoko na Jamii project “Mission Green Initiative”

Group photo after the meeting of mikoko na jamii stakeholders Mikoko na Jamii project being in its third phase of the mission green, on April 30th 2019, stakeholders who have been taking part in the project had a chance to meet at Aqua-Farms Organization, Dar es Salaam. In this generous meeting, AFO had an opportunity

Recap of the World Oceans Day 2018 A poem on Plastic Pollution in the ocean by Mariagoreth Charles Share on whatsapp Share on twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on email

The series of Weekend fish farming trainings

Despite the fact that 35 % of land in Tanzania is viable for aquaculture, with more than 64,500 Km2 of Freshwater systems, a coast of 1,400 + Km Being among the longest in East Africa with 223,000 Km2 of EEZ of the ocean yet Aquaculture in  Tanzania contributes to only 1% of the total catch

We have moved!

FO administration is happy to inform the public that we have relocated our office to Kunduchi beach Street, Kinondoni Dar es Salaam. Besides Kunduchi Beach Resort and Hotel, at the buildings of Department Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Technology. Formerly Our offices were at Mawasiliano Sinza C street. Dar es Salaam. We welcome you all to

5200 Seedlings of Mangroves Replanted at Mbweni

The efforts of making an impact Since March 2018, we have been able to collaborate with the Mbweni community through the beach management units, Wanawake Mazingira Group and a number of partners in assuring the desired goal of 10,000 Mangroves for 100 years of carbon offset. Mbweni Mangrove forest is a vital periurban forest just

Buy a beehive to support 100 mangrove seedling in Mission Green

The project aims at 10,000 Mangroves equal to reduction of 500 C02 offset  which is equivalent to 100 Years of carbon emission offset Until so far 3,500 seedlings are restored Mangroves are among the most productive ecosystem in the earth, they provide a broad array of goods and services to the local community since are

Invitation to the Upcoming Community activity of Mangroves Restoration on Feb, 9 at Mbweni- Dar es Salaam

Community based mangrove restoration is a collaboration activity involving Rotary Dar es Salaam Mlimani, Fisheries Development conservation (FIDEC)  and Wanawake Mazingira Mbweni in fulfillment project of ‘Mission Green Project’ which is a volunteerism activity that started in 2018  aiming at restoring mangrove forests to the damaged areas in Tanzania, The activity is done quarterly per year we

The fish that eats,walks and court on Land

Once upon a time Life was hard, a continuing effort to stay ahead, to stay alive and to live was the Mudskippers focus, They live in the inter-tidal mudflats, in the mangroves as well, they spend more than 90% of there life in land eating, walking using their pectoral fins and courting. To get oxygen

AFO staffs, Winning the 1st Position in the Quarry Life Awards 2018 in the community stream

In Friday Morning November 30 2018 the National Quarry life Awards 2018 winners were announced at Tanzania Portland Cement Company Wazo Hill, The Tanzania TPCC manager awarded £5000 for the 1st runners Mr. Fadhili Malesa, Alex Benjamin and Jerry Mang’ena won first prize on community stream with a project titled COMMUNITY-BASED ECONOMIZATION OF REHABILITATED FISH