The project aims at 10,000 Mangroves equal to reduction of 500 C02 offset  which is equivalent to 100 Years of carbon emission offset Until so far 3,500 seedlings are restored

Mangroves are among the most productive ecosystem in the earth, they provide a broad array of goods and services to the local community since are sources of timber and firewood and other important services. They play an important role in Offshore fishery,  providing juvenile fish with nursery habitats and shelter. They can store and sequester significant amount of carbon.

Mission Green is now Including apicultural (Beekeeping) activities in mangroves to increase their diversity due to pollination effect of bees but also when bees are collecting raw materials for their daily lives, bees pollinate plants and thus conserving the ecosystem through increased diversity and protection by restriction human intervention in the mangrove forests.

Beekeeping will add value to Wanawake Mazingira group is a source of food and income hence is an potential economic activity thus it is a substitute for destructive economic activities, but also enhance the sustainability of the restoration programme.

To Support, Kindly Contact:

Dr. Lulu Kaaya of Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam Mlimani at +255 785 003 752   or

Jerry Mang’ena 0658 821 606 [email protected] from Aqua-Farms organization


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