I every year about 4.8-12.7 Millions tons of plastic are washed into our ocean, and accumulates in aquatic environments posing threat to organisms, ecosystems and even human. Ingestion of plastic materials by aquatic organisms results to death and improper reproductive behaviors, this has been reported for seabirds, turtles and fish. Furthermore leaving these plastics into our environment with UV light and waves they break down into smaller pieces that easily ingested by fish and other aquatic organisms and eventually reaching human via the food chain through consumption.

The aim of this campaign is to collect plastics and associated marine litters along the beaches of Dar es salaam and related environments using community as a tool.

Specifically on:

  • To organize and conduct awareness campaigns along the coast shore of Dar es Salaam by focusing on the most affected areas.
  • To introduce dust bins in different public beach areas of Dar es Salaam.
  • To establish beach cleaning volunteering programs in every month in different areas of Dar es Salaam and Tanzania
  • To visit schools in order to facilitate and enable discussions regarding conservation, effects of plastics accumulations and ways forward.

Expected outcomes

Program is expected to significantly reduce the plastics at the Dar es Salaam ocean coast. It will change the way peoples think about plastics, and hence making them more active in cleaning and involvement in issues pertaining plastics in the environment.


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