Malnutrition remain a big concern in the World, most in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2014, Tanzania National Nutrition Survey reported that 34.7% of Tanzanian children under 5 years of age were suffering from malnutrition.Malnutrition affects cognitive behavior of a child which in turn affect child’s school performance making a child unable to escape from the cycle of poverty. This undermine national development too. Experts believe that the problem of malnutrition is as far unsolved.
Prof. Vaclar Smil from the University of Manitoba believe that “If everyone in the World ate as much meat as the average person in the Western World, we would need 2/3 more land than we are current using”. This means that if we need to feed the World we have to use our Ocean and water bodies to start farming fish instead of depending more on terrestrial animals as it is hard to feed a lot of these animals i.e We will run out of greenish and speed up climate change. We need to act quickly and start investing in fish farming because ocean covers more than three quarter of the earth plus we have rivers and lakes, lets use them to grow more fish and feed our children who suffer from health and school failures.
In 2015 BBC reported that, we would need Four earths if every one would consume the same amount of food as the average citizen in USA BBC. Again, if we wont utilize farming that involve water (E.g Fish and other water utilizing farming), the World land is not enough to feed us. Lets farm fish, feed the World and end malnutrition, that’s how civilization is all about “Farming replacing hunting” (Jacques Cousteau).

Photo credit; Anas

By Cretus

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