Aqua-Farms Organization collaborated with the Women in Marine Sciences Network ( WIMS) which is under the Western Indian Ocean Marine Sciences Association ( WIOMSA), YoungShip Tanzania, Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute, Department of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries of University of Dar es Salaam, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission-UNESCO and PaddaFelis Events together we commemorated the day by hosting a one day conference which was graced by  70 different attendees from various academia ( University of Dar es Salaam), Policymakers, Researches, Young early career scientists, and other sectors. The purpose of the conference was to advocate for gender participation in Ocean Sciences and informal sectors related to fisheries, To advocate for the Ocean Decade and how gender will play a role to celebrate the achievements of the women who have made tremendous contributions in ocean-related sectors, and plans for engagement for the coming Ocean Decade 2021-2030

On the commencement of the event, Founder and Director Aqua-Farms Organizations  Mr. Jerry Mang’ena gave a welcome note at the World Oceans Day, he insisted on the importance of the ocean and more on what drives Aqua-Farms Organization honours this special day. “ We began the World Oceans Day commemoration in 2018, with the purpose of increasing awareness to the general public of Tanzania and beyond the benefits of the ocean to humankind well being” on the 2018 event we set a baseline for the Plastics pollution with a wider involved stakeholders we played a big part in the large civic movement of Lets do it movement and now June 1st the Government has banned the use of plastic bags. It’s my hope for 2019, we will come up with approaches on how to go about the gender ocean-related problems that make us fail to get to the better line”.

Furthermore the Keynote address by Dr Rosemarie Mwaipopo, country coordinator of the Women in Marine Sciences Network for Tanzania she addressed on making ocean science meaningful to Gender Equity and coastal Livelihoods in Tanzania, She also shared the opportunities aligned with the Women in Marine Sciences Network across the WIO region.  

IOC -UNESCO Representative Mr Keven Robert, address the message from the Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO), in her message she insisted on the involvement of gender in approaching gender issues including the ocean sciences, furthermore she introduces the Ocean Decade for healthier oceans of 2021-20

“Policy plays a huge part in gender-ocean issues and she insists on the involvement of all stakeholder in addressing gender issues”, Honourable Immaculate Sware Semesi who is a Member of Parliament and a Marine Scientist following her experience as a marine scientist and now working on policies, she encourages the translation and development of policy briefs after research and easy way of sharing the  results from research to the community and policymakers. as well.  

 The Session ended with deliberations on the gender issues with the ocean and the road towards the Ocean decade.



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