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SusBlue Shop

Sustainable Blue AFO Shop Mission

to enhance community responsibility in the conservation and protection of marine resources.



  1.  To support local market products from aquatic environment,and push towards
  2. To generate income that will be used to push Aqua-Farms Organization activities as
    outlined in its objectives
  3. To turn trash that ends up in the Ocean into cash, and reduce marine debris
  4. The product should relate directly to the protection/ conservation of a particular marine
    species, or habitat of a marine species; (reusable bottles, paper bags, wood spoons
    and forks
  5. Products that help reduce pressure in a particularly vulnerable marine species;
    (Aquaculture fish products that have been raised in a sustainable way using
    sustainable feeds and non-polluting environment, also using aquaculture feeds that
    does not contain ingredients that compete with human uses), environmentally friendly,
    sustainable aquaculture feed products.
  6. Products that help act as a substitute for a particular use of a certain vulnerable
    marine species towards attaining long term conservation and sustainability
  7.  The product that helps to spread awareness about conservation and protection of marine
    species (Paper bag with a picture of a sea turtle, Photos and Diagram)
  8. Recycled made materials such as Jewelry
  9. Products that enhance sustainable use of Aquatic Resources.