There is a very existing response between how man uses the ocean and how the ocean gives back (provide). Ocean is the largest part of our planet earth, it influence our climate and overall well being. For years human activities have impacted our ocean negatively (e.g release of green house gases) and now the ocean is giving us a response (climate change). That is a very typical example on how man influence the ocean and how ocean give back. In fact, we need to change our ways we interact with the ocean e.g stop dumping wastes and destruction of habitats, because the consequences will be much high in years to come i.e less/no fish.

Peter Neil, Director of Ocean observatory prepares short (4-5 min) message to the World regarding various issues and status of the ocean in a way to increase literacy about ocean to the community.

Today World ocean radio message talks about the impacts of relationship between man and the ocean, and what can we do so that we human attain a mutual relationship (where human and ocean both benefits) with the ocean.

Click here to get the message from the World Ocean Radio, and dont forget to subscribe for more Ocean news and knowledge.

Photo By; Getty Image

By Cretus

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