In the last quarter of 2019 Aqua-Farms Organization in collaboration with Emerald fisheries launched the local designed Recirculating Aquaculture System for tilapia farming with a capacity to yield 7.8 tonnes per year.

A this farm has used less than area of 400 sqm, with more than 114 cubic meters of water, which is 60 % less than conventional fish farming for farm with the same yield. Water is circulated through a mechanical filter that cleans out large particles of fish waste, and flows through to biofiltration unit where through denitrifying bacteria, convertion of ammonia happens in a two processes into relatively harmless nitrate (NO3). In the first process of nitrification, ammonia-oxidizing bacteria convert the ammonia into nitrite (NO2). In the second process, this NO2– is converted by nitrite oxidizing bacteria into nitrate the end product of nitrification reaction.


The farm is designed using locally available materials, making it easy to rectify and perform maintenance. We are looking forward to expanding the project, towards the use of fish nutrient for the yield of leafy green vegetables.

We are pleased with the dully work done by our team to put this in place. appreciation to Mr. Mbonea Assery Mdoe- (Farm Manager), Ms. Benard Kaitira, Mr. Valeli Joseph, Mr. Linus Hoza, Mr. Fadhili Malesa, Ms. Siwema Luvanga (Technical Team) and Mr. Jerry Mang’ena – Project lead.


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