The World Oceans Day (WOD) 2019 commemoration is to build a greater Ocean and gender literacy while discovering ways to promote gender equality in ocean-related activities, such as marine scientific research, fisheries, policy-making and management.

Structure of the conference

The conference will involve a diverse group of people in Tanzania, both scientists and Non-Scientists, it will bring them together to learn about gender roles in the Sustainable development of our ocean through presentations of the works that had been done and panel discussion. It will involve female speakers scientist from various sectors who would represent the roles that are being done by women towards productive and healthy oceans.

Specific Objectives of the conference

  • Discussion on women participation towards healthy, sustainable and productive oceans
  • To advocate for Gender participation in Ocean Sciences and Informal sectors  related to fisheries
  • To celebrate the achievements of the women who have made tremendous contributions in ocean-related sectors

Appliy To Attend

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