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Buy a beehive to support 100 mangrove seedling in Mission Green

The project aims at 10,000 Mangroves equal to reduction of 500 C02 offset  which is equivalent to 100 Years of carbon emission offset Until so far 3,500 seedlings are restored Mangroves are among the most productive ecosystem in the earth, they provide a broad array of goods and services to the local community since are

Invitation to the Upcoming Community activity of Mangroves Restoration on Feb, 9 at Mbweni- Dar es Salaam

Community based mangrove restoration is a collaboration activity involving Rotary Dar es Salaam Mlimani, Fisheries Development conservation (FIDEC)  and Wanawake Mazingira Mbweni in fulfillment project of ‘Mission Green Project’ which is a volunteerism activity that started in 2018  aiming at restoring mangrove forests to the damaged areas in Tanzania, The activity is done quarterly per year we