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5200 Seedlings of Mangroves Replanted at Mbweni

The efforts of making an impact Since March 2018, we have been able to collaborate with the Mbweni community through the beach management units, Wanawake Mazingira Group and a number of partners in assuring the desired goal of 10,000 Mangroves for 100 years of carbon offset. Mbweni Mangrove forest is a vital periurban forest just

Buy a beehive to support 100 mangrove seedling in Mission Green

The project aims at 10,000 Mangroves equal to reduction of 500 C02 offset  which is equivalent to 100 Years of carbon emission offset Until so far 3,500 seedlings are restored Mangroves are among the most productive ecosystem in the earth, they provide a broad array of goods and services to the local community since are