Because Ocean is the largest part of the earth surface it influence weather and climate. Many confuse, which one between Ocean & weather and climate influence the other one?, do ocean influencing weather and climate? or weather and climate influence ocean?

Today edition of World Ocean Radio explain in detail on which among the two influence the other one. It also go into more on the impact of the influence existing between the two phenomenon, to the destruction of organisms (most calcareous organisms like coccolithophorids) to the coastal livelihood. Dont miss out today World Ocean Radio. To get the audio click here

Tanzania coastal waters. Photo credit (Cretus)

World Ocean Radio is an essay of about five minutes length prepared in a week basis by Peter Neill, Director of World Ocean Observatory covering various issues relating to ocean governance. This week’s version talks about Ocean literacy, on relationship existing between ocean, weather and climate. and the role of institution and individuals in making the climate conducive for human and ocean.

By Cretus

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