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We are bringing to you InstaLive sessions on Fisheiries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Conservation talks from all over the continent and beyond to share various insights with you.

This week we have Geofrey Rucho the Executive Secretary of Aquaculture Association of Tanzania as he shares his insights on the opportunities in Aquaculture in Tanzania

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Mr. Geofrey Rucho -Speaker

With vast experience working in the academic and consultancy bureau at the Open University of Tanzania. Rucho has been involved in the development of aquaculture industry in Tanzania for 7 years both theory and practically.

He works for/with many organisations, In Tanzania, Rucho his working for Aquaculture Association of Tanzania AAT an apex member based private sector organization that advocates for the growth and competitiveness of the aquaculture industry in Tanzania through promoting and supports responsible and sustainable aquaculture in the alleviation of poverty by improving livelihoods in Tanzania. Rucho also works for Lead4Tomorrow-USA (L4T) a California base NGOempowering communities in aquaculture, parenting, WASH and ICT. In Lake Victoria he leads L4T cage fish farming projectempowerment of women and youth household.

Rucho is a believer in continuous improvement and in collaboration and always striving for innovative ways to improve aquaculture industry in Tanzania and the East Africa region. He is the current interim Secretary of East Africa Aquaculture Association, regional organization that will support and lead sharing of skills, knowledge and time to improveregional aquaculture conditions for the poor who are struggling with hunger and malnutrition.

In his ‘spare time’ he aims to help raise the profile and consumption of aquaculture and does that in many ways including being involved with Global Initiative of Life & Leadership through Seafood (GILLS), in getting aquacultureinformation out to the politicians, media and consumers.

Ms. Nancy Iraba – Host

Nancy Iraba is a Marine Scientist by profession specializing in Benthic Ecology. She has been out to the sea twice  as part of the benthic team, researching about the Indian ocean on benthic biodiversity. She has broad knowledge in rapid bioassessment of Tanzanian Rivers, She has used this knowledge to train different communities of water users and Students from University of Dar es Salaam. She is currently doing her Masters in Marine Sciences at the Institute of Marine Sciences in  University of Dar es Salaam, under a scholarship awarded to her by the Sweden International Development Agency (SIDA) where she studies Octopus and its nutritional requirements in the laboratory in order to determine economic potential of Octopus farming in Tanzania

She is a co-founders of  Aqua-Farms Organization, a Non-Governmental organization where she takes the lead as a researcher and science communication personnel, actively involved in researching marine biodiversity and communicating the scientific findings to the audience through digital platforms. 

In 2017, Nancy won the  Hidden Eco-heroine Award in 2017 by the Republic of Korea alongside other winners from Indonesia and United Arabic Emirates for leading a project titled  Aquatic Resources Education Program, a project that aimed at exposing girls in secondary schools taking sciences subject on careers exploration in Aquatic Sciences, she currently founded Ocean Literacy Initiative, for the aim of creating ocean literate society across western indian ocean regions and beyond

In 2018 she won 2500USD as the second prize winner of quarry life awards under Tanzania Portland Cement Company  in the category of research stream with the project known as “ Does rehabilitation of Wazo Hill Quarry supports the ecology of Birds?   an Interdisciplinary research  examining the water quarry pits benthos organisms in relation to the birds ecology.  

In 2019, she was named amongst Tanzanian sheroes, a female role model showing a girl child that it has and can be done, same year she was listed amongst 10 nominees for the “Hakuna chetu bila Sisi Awards”  under project of bursting myth on menstruation taboos in coastal initiative by Voice global Organization, later same year, she was  awarded an upcoming woman in STEM for her contribution in the field on marine sciences  by the Next Einstein Forum, which is the largest African scientists gathering in promoting science and technology in African countries, it occurs in over 30 African countries including Tanzania

She is recently selected for the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders under civic leadership track. Apart from Academics, Nancy ventures into entrepreneurship where she founded PaddaFelis Events, She is also a lead organizer for TEDxOysterbay, an annual platform event that champions sharing of ideas worth spreading in our local communities across the globe. She is passionate about exposing the beauty of Marine Sciences, Science Communication, Ocean Conservancy, Community Outreach, Volunteerism, and Gender Equality. Nancy wishes to see more women and girls taking lead in the vast field of marine sciences in terms of Academia, Research, and Decision-Making Processes


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