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“How would you like to celebrate World Ocean day? June 8th”

Every 8th of June , The World join up together to celebrate World Ocean Day (WOD). Aqua-Farms Organization in cooperation with Western Indian Ocean Early Career Scientist Network (WIOECSN) are welcoming you to celebrate the WOD through interaction section with different stakeholders who would inform us on

1. The past, current and future predicted situation of our ocean,
2. How much has plastics been of effect for over year.

This is in alignment with this year’s theme ” Beat plastic pollution, encourage healthy ocean” that build’s up to World 2018 theme  Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean . You will have a platform to learn, interact, round table discussions and have FUN.
All are Welcome. The information provided in this registration form will help us to reach you.


Enquiries: [email protected]/[email protected]
Phone number: +255658821606

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