Who we are!

The world Lakes Oceans and Rivers are the important resources which influence the life of this beautiful world, its said that those close and those far from these sources all of us influence their conditions, as we all reside in catchment areas.

Humans need food, and good living environment but the climate is changing, fish in the natural environment are scares and we have changed these bodies to be dumping sites, with all these 12 brave Aquatic Scientists decided to combat the improper utilization of these resources by formation of a Non-Governmental Organization that aims at enhancing proper utilization of aquatic resources, through sustainable aquaculture and rebuilding the fisheries of Tanzania in response of the bring the world that has hunger is a tale with achieved food security, improved nutrition and promote sustainable aquaculture, a better world with favourable CLIMATIC conditions at reduced impacts.

Vision statement:

AFO- envisions is to be an excellent Organization in replenishing aquatic resources with community-based conservation and sustainable aquaculture.

Mission statement: 
We enhance food access and income generation to the community through research, training, workshops and collaboration in Aquaculture and Fisheries


Our Objectives 

  • Promoting environmental friendly and economic competitive aquaculture;
  • Supporting conservation of aquatic environment and stock enhancement;
  • Supporting research on sustainable exploitation of aquatic resources and aquaculture;
  • Improving community health of the lacustrine and coastal communities;
  • Empowering youth and women in utilization of aquatic resources and aquaculture.


AFO organization is committed to work  Accountably,  Transparently,  With Integrity    And Equality.

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