Africa Celebrates World Ocean’s Day in style!

While not everyone has access to the ocean or lives along the coast – every single human on this planet is greatly dependent and affected by this pulsing liquid life force that surrounds us. This World Oceans Day, in a combined effort between South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon and Tanzania – the ocean was brought to […]

Sus Blue Shop: Enhancing Sustainable Seaweed Farming and Fisheries in Zanzibar

The Aqua-Farms Organization works through a community-based approach that aims at enhancing the proper utilization of aquatic resources, food access, and income generation to the community through research, training, workshops, and collaboration in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries. Seaweed farming in Tanzania is unique in that over 80% of its farmers are women. Seaweed farming constitutes […]

New Hope in the Horizon: Upscaling Deep Water Tubular Net Seaweed Farming Technology To Coastal Communities of Tanzania: Initiative by AFO and SeaPower, supported by Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA)

Seaweed farming is a crucial industry in Tanzania, supporting different coastal communities and adding to the country’s financial advancement. However, shallow-water seaweed farmers are experiencing critical obstructions that imperil their farming methods. These obstructions incorporate flighty weather patterns, expanding ocean temperatures, and shoddy farming methods that outcome in low efficiency. Traditionally, the shallow waters along […]

Aqua-Farms Organization the announced blue carbon accelerator

  We are delighted to be announced for the first time in the cohort for Blue carbon accelerator that will provide vital support and guidance to leading technology & innovation ventures and NGOs/Community groups, that are working at the forefront of #bluecarbon, to help accelerate, innovate and develop the future of blue carbon markets in […]

A New Dawn at Buyuni: Women Fisher Festival 2022, a HUGE SUCCESS!!

Every 9th December, Tanzania commemorates its Independence Day, and this year we honored 62 years since the country gained its freedom from Britain. As Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere once said “Development needs to reflect on people’s well-being”, in that spirit, Aqua-Farms Organization with support from voice global hosted the first-ever Women Fisher Festival at Buyuni […]

AFO-NEWF partnership equipped 11 Ocean conservationists with Advanced Open

In addressing its long-term project as per Sustainable Development Goal 14 of conserving life below the water in Tanzania targeting coral reefs and seagrasses, Aqua-Farms Organization realized that In Tanzania there is an existing barrier of underwater creatures’ distinction that has been a challenge to marine-related professionals together with filmmakers and storytellers over a year […]

WOMEN WATER WATCH: Citizen science for co-creation of water knowledge

The wWw project is built on the collaboration between the Aqua-Farms Organization (AFO) and the Institute of Development Policy (IOB), University of Antwerp. AFO is a Tanzania-based NGO that has extensive experience with local citizen science projects and community involvement in several projects, including topics on seaweed, mangrove restoration, river water quality monitoring, and working with fishing communities. IOB on […]