CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR OWN NANCY IRABA: 2024 National Geographic Wayfinder Award Recipient!

With so much honor and joy we are proud to announce that Nancy Iraba, our esteemed Underwater Program Lead at Aqua-Farms Organization, on June 6th 2024 was announced and honored to be among the recipients of the Prestigious 2024 Wayfinder Award presented by Kia and National Geographic! Nancy’s journey in marine conservation has been nothing short of inspirational. From her early days as a passionate marine scientist in Tanzania to becoming a pioneering force in coral restoration along Tanzania’s southern coast, Nancy has consistently demonstrated her commitment to our oceans and marine ecosystems. The National Geographic Wayfinder Award is a testament to Nancy’s tireless efforts and innovative approaches in marine conservation. This recognition not only honors her personal achievements but also shines a spotlight on the critical work we do at Aqua-Farms Organization. Nancy’s dedication to reviving coral reefs goes beyond mere scientific interest. She understands the profound impact healthy marine ecosystems have on biodiversity and the livelihoods of coastal communities. Her work embodies our organization’s mission to create equitable access to oceans while promoting sustainable marine conservation practices. As a newly minted National Geographic Explorer, Nancy joins a global community of changemakers and visionaries. This platform will undoubtedly amplify her voice and the important message of marine conservation to a worldwide audience. Nancy, your achievement is a source of inspiration for all of us at Aqua-Farms Organization and for aspiring marine scientists across Tanzania and beyond. Your work is truly making waves in the field of marine conservation, and we couldn’t be prouder to have you as part of our team.
To quote Nancy’s vision: “I want to see more young girls taking a lead in marine sciences in terms of research, academia and decision making. I would like to see a society that recognizes that the ocean is more than just a source of fish and works with eagerness to unlock its untapped potential.”
With this prestigious award, Nancy is not just unlocking the ocean’s potential – she’s opening doors for future generations of marine scientists and conservationists. Congratulations once again, Nancy! We look forward to supporting you in your future endeavors and watching as you continue to make a significant impact in marine conservation. Your Aqua-Farms Organization family is cheering you on! Thank You for Bringing it home, Nancy!   Author: Javis Bashabula
Javis Bashabula

Javis Bashabula

Communications Lead-AFO

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