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11 out of 25 regions in Tanzania’s mainland are found in the lake zone and coast, where communities depend on Oceans, Rivers, and Lakes to serve as sources of individual income and access to food through fisheries-related activities which directly support more than 4 million people. Population pressure and climate change collectively have been a drawback that causes the loss of coasts and critical habitats, reduced fisheries production, life-threatening fisheries, and increased aquatic resource pollution.

Aqua-Farms Organization promotes environmentally friendly and economically competitive aquaculture, conserving the aquatic environment and fisheries stock enhancement, supporting research on sustainable exploitation of aquatic resources and aquaculture, improving the lacustrine and coastal community health communities, and empowering the youth and women in the utilization of aquatic resources and aquaculture.

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Join hands with conservationists focusing on the sustainable use of rivers, lakes, and oceans for livelihood improvements and food security. It is your time now to take action and firm the Blue economy for the societies in Tanzania.

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