Our Executive Director Jerry Mang’ena likes to tell us that “communication is the lungs of any organization” and that took us back to Effective communication which is the cornerstone of any successful organization because it all lies in knowing what constitutes good communication, understanding our audiences, and shaping the perception. These critical elements were at the heart of a transformative three-day communication workshop organized by Maliasili, held from June 19th to 21st in the outskirts of Morogoro.

Our dedicated representatives, Arnold Shoko, Iddi Juma, and Evlyne Peter, were privileged to participate in this amazing event. The workshop delved into the Fundamentals of Communication, exploring what builds a brand and how perception can be managed effectively. It also covered Organization Messaging, identifying different types of audiences, and the various tools and platforms essential for effective communication.

The insights gained from this workshop are invaluable. Arnold, Iddi, and Evlyne engaged in thought-provoking discussions on questions like:

  • What constitutes good communication?
  • Who are our audiences, and what are their interests?
  • How do we want people to perceive us?

Through these questions, our team explored strategies to enhance our communication efforts, ensuring that our messages are clear, impactful, and resonate with our target audiences. The workshop also emphasized the importance of consistent messaging in building and maintaining a strong brand identity.

Moreover, the sessions provided practical knowledge on utilizing different communication tools and platforms to reach diverse audiences effectively. This knowledge will undoubtedly streamline our communication processes and increase our efficiency in conveying the positive impact of our work.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Maliasili for their excellent facilitation and to all the organizations that participated, including Seasense, Watusima, Cwmac, and Mjumita. The collaborative spirit and shared experiences enriched the learning process, making the workshop a success.

Kudos to our representatives for their active participation and for bringing back valuable insights that will shape our communication strategies moving forward. 

Now let’s get better equipped to communicate our mission, values, and achievements, amplifying our impact on the communities we serve.

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