Economic Competitive Aquaculture

Aquaculture as the first growing sector globally is currently benefiting millions across the globe, but its growth in Tanzania is facing numerous challenges, despite having more than 35% of arable land for Aquaculture, three great lakes, and a lot of small lakes and rivers, and a coastline of more than 1400km, Aqua-Farms Organization is developing community aquaculture solution to enhance the supply of lean protein, reduce fishing pressure and improve livelihood, through training, workshops, consultancies and research on aqua-farming (plants and animals), improving knowledge on freshwater aquaculture (Tilapia and catfish) and Mariculture ( Seaweed, Sea cucumber, crabs and half pearl farming). Offering knowledge on best aqua-farming practices to better help and inform aqua-farmers in Tanzania on potential opportunities, and solutions along the aquaculture value chain.

As we aim on promoting Fish farming in Tanzania

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