Annual Report 2018

Rise in sea level and climatic change accounts for other natural threats contributed to mangrove degradation. In 1980, remote sensing technology revealed that coastal forest of Tanzania was covered by an area of about 6724.86 Km2. The area was reduced to 6336.77 Km2 in 1990, with approximate loss of 388.09 Km2 in a decade (FAO 2007). With this Aqua- FarmsOrganization in collaboration with Rotary club UDSM Mlimani, community groups of Wanawake Mbweni BMU Kunduchi and Mbweni have together been able to restore 12,000 mangroves seedling since mayJune 2017. along side with the organization has capacity build the communities and their potential in restoration of these essential habitats, and development of a single aim approach from community CBOs.