Bahari Hub: Bahari yetu uhuru wetu ukombozi wa wanawake

This project aims to transform women’s challenges through empowerment in their fisheries related activities to overcome the challenges based on technical, knowledge, gender, socio-cultural and religious barriers through establishment of Bahari Hub. We are developing Bahari hub to model local innovations for fisheries practices to generate revenue and close the disparities faced by women. In this hub we will conduct ocean culture training to fisher women involving artists, record 1 documentary with 4 series videos in four coastal communities for breaking the silence on social cultural and religious barriers, organize for the first ever fisher women and conduct an art campaign of painting 40 fishing boats with coastal swahili sayings will be conducted addressing the socio-cultural, religious barrier and negative concepts of feminism to enhance participation and collaboration between men and women in fisheries.

At the end of the project we anticipate there will be an increased women economic participation through ocean related artifacts and boat painting; Build up freedom (economic, faith and decision making) and recognition in coastal communities; Enhanced solution-based conversations on religious and socio-cultural barriers holding fisher women back; Improved decision- making abilities and independence of women in coastal communities, reduced knowledge gap on disparities still existing in fishing community; improved collaboration between women and men in fishing activities.

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