Community Mangrove Carbon Credit

Mangrove forests provide a host of ecosystem services and sequester five to ten times more carbon than terrestrial forests. Yet, mangroves are amongst the most threatened habitats on earth, with climate change and human activities driving their destruction. It is estimated that a fifth of mangrove forests were lost globally between 1980 and 2005. The loss of mangrove forests can have devastating consequences for the communities who depend on them for wellbeing and protection.

In Tanzania, mangroves are routinely cut down for firewood, medicinal purposes, and construction materials, or being trampled to access floodplains used for fishing and to create rice fields. Despite government action and voluntary efforts by communities to stop these practices over the last three decades, mangroves continue to be destroyed or damaged to meet these short-term needs.

Voluntary Community Mangrove Carbon Credit Project (VCMCC) that aims to establish a voluntary carbon market system at Mbweni and Kunduchi Tanzania, in this project we expect to generate income through harvesting and selling carbon from mangrove forest, with increasing awareness of people and demand for sustainable life, this project is of high revenue generating potential. That will give them direct economic benefit which will foster them to protect the Mangroves forests.

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