Restoring Buyuni Coral Reef

Once a thriving ecosystem, the coral reefs of Buyuni have been degraded over the years due to various human activities. However, there is still hope for these magnificent underwater gardens to be restored to their former glory. Aqua-Farms Organization project has initiated a community-based coral restoration at Buyuni to restore 1000 coral fragments in a 400-meter square of the degraded sites with Buyuni’s LMMA by the end of this year. This project aims to bring back the biodiversity of the reef by re-establishing the coral colonies that have been lost. However, this project is not just about restoring the coral reef. It is also about empowering the local community to be the champions of this cause. The project includes training sessions for the community members to learn about coral reef ecology and the importance of preserving it. They will also be taught how to propagate corals and maintain them. The involvement of the local community is crucial in this project because they are the ones who live in close proximity to the reef and are the ones who rely on it for their livelihoods.


We believe that the success of our coral restoration project in Buyuni not only depends on the restoration efforts but also the active participation of the local community. As part of our efforts to empower the community. We invite you to join us in this endeavor and make a difference in the lives of the people of Buyuni and the health of our ocean by supporting purchasing of more scuba gear and dive training for the community, every dollar counts.

Supporters: Australian High Commission and Rufford Small Conservation Grants


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