Restoring Buyuni Reef

Buyuni Reef located on the southern coast of Dar es Salaam is a crucial nursery and breeding site for vulnerable fish species and potential marine biodiversity. But for the past 2 decades, they have been severely damaged by climate change and destructive fishing practices leading to the loss of diverse coral species and their economic and ecological function. In early 2022, Aqua-Farms Organization embarked on a journey of restoring degraded sites of Buyuni to cover an area of 4000 sq. meters using the community-based approach, the long-term goal is to restore 1 square kilometer to climate-resilient corals by 2030 by expanding to the northern side of Sukuti Island has been equally damaged by natural factors despite attracting several tourists. We aim to promote eco-friendly marine ecotourism by empowering the fishermen, boat captains, and tour operators to promote responsible ecotourism by minimizing the negative impact of marine tourism on the fragile marine ecosystem and creating a more engaging and sustainable experience for tourists by allowing them to actively contribute to the restoration of the area’s biodiversity while enjoying the natural beauty and recreational opportunities of the area which is locally led.


This project is supported by Australian High Commission in Kenya through its Direct Aid Program,
Rufford small conservation grants, Sustainable Ocean Alliance and Nature, Environment, Wildlife and Filmmaking organization (NEWF)


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