Executive Team

Nancy Iraba

Technical Advisor - Underwater Programs

Nancy Iraba is an award-winning marine scientist holding a Master of Science in Marine Sciences, a coral reef restoration expert, a Divemaster, and a passionate science communicator. At Aqua-Farms Organization she serves as Underwater Program Lead championing underwater ecosystems monitoring and imparting underwater research skill sets and capacity building to aspiring conservationists, storytellers, and filmmakers through the initiation of Tanzania Dive Labs. She is passionate about bridging the gap between scientific findings and public understanding of marine conservation. Through her works, Nancy has been featured in various local Newspapers and won the Hidden Eco-heroine Award in 2017; awarded an upcoming woman in the field of marine sciences in Tanzania by the Next Einstein Forum in 2019 and named amongst 100 Tanzanian Sheroes in 2020. Nancy is a 2021 Mandela Washington fellow, a U.S. Government based program for young African leaders making an impact in their communities. She is passionate about science communication, creating accessible oceans, and gender inclusion. Nancy believes that investing in capacity-building young people with underwater skills is the ultimate move towards unlocking innovation for sustainable oceans, especially in developing countries.