A New Dawn at Buyuni: Women Fisher Festival 2022, a HUGE SUCCESS!!

Every 9th December, Tanzania commemorates its Independence Day, and this year we honored 62 years since the country gained its freedom from Britain. As Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere once said “Development needs to reflect on people’s well-being”, in that spirit, Aqua-Farms Organization with support from voice global hosted the first-ever Women Fisher Festival at Buyuni […]

AFO-NEWF partnership equipped 11 Ocean conservationists with Advanced Open

In addressing its long-term project as per Sustainable Development Goal 14 of conserving life below the water in Tanzania targeting coral reefs and seagrasses, Aqua-Farms Organization realized that In Tanzania there is an existing barrier of underwater creatures’ distinction that has been a challenge to marine-related professionals together with filmmakers and storytellers over a year […]