Aquatic Resources Education Program (AREP)

Much attention has been given to the terrestrial environment compared to the aquatic ecosystems and its resources, thus the need for awareness and capacity building of the potentiality of the aquatic resources and its environment to the young people and nation. The Aqua- Farms Organization initiated an Aquatic resources education program which aimed at raising awareness and capacity building to young people about the existence and benefits of aquatic resources, concerning opportunities which are being neglected towards utilization of the aquatic resources which includes water resources, as well as animals and plants. People’s abilities to know and to act must be built if we are to reinvent and sustain progress in natural resource management, including aquatic resource and fisheries management. Education and training are key tools for building capacity From January up to the end of 2022, the Aquatic Resources Education Program aims to reach 700 secondary school students in the areas around the Indian Ocean. Currently, about 641 secondary students have been reached with the knowledge impartation since 2017.

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