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Seaweed farming is among the life changing ocean activities to the communities at the coast of Tanzania, especially, in Zanzibar. Seaweed demand is increasing at global scale due to realization of its potential in human health. In Zanzibar, unfair prices, limited local market and poor distribution channels for both local and export markets, the effect of climate change, abandonment of seaweed farms to some of the farmers has resulted in a huge decrease in seaweed industry production.  In 2018 Aqua-Farms began working with seaweed farmers to understand in depth challenges that were faced. We found that the value added products had a stagnant market and AFO took a step to diversify the local market through its sustainable blue shop that enables to improve the sales of the value added products to far and beyond the small stagnant markets. Sustainable Blue Shop aims to enhance community responsibility in the conservation and protection of marine resources. Through supporting local market products from the aquatic environment, and pushing towards Sustainable blue Economy. In September 2021, through co-funding of project Sea Power, AFO and Zanzibar Seaweed Cluster Initiative, through support from Blue Climate Initiative and Segal family Foundation, the online shop obtained an outward facing stall in Stone town Zanzibar. By the end of 2021 the shop has been able to work with 2 seaweed farmers groups with 50 women in total of both Unguja and Pemba and has been able to improve their seaweed prices from $0.25 to 1$ and through added value products from 1$  to $ 3.

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