Executive Team

Evlyne Peter

Communication's Facilitator

Evlyne Peter, a skilled Media and Comms Strategist, excels in crafting compelling narratives and effective communication strategies. With a background in Journalism and mass communication, she navigates media intricacies with expertise in strategic messaging, content creation, and brand positioning.

Highlighted by a victory in the Kalamu za Kidijitali blog writing competition, Evlyne’s digital storytelling prowess stands out. Beyond her professional success, her positivity, resilience, and diverse interests, from swimming to dancing, contribute to her well-rounded persona.

As a communications Facilitator, Evlyne effortlessly balances personal and professional life, embodying a spiritual outlook. Her outgoing nature and fearlessness in socializing make her a valuable asset in various social circles. In social media management, she excels in curating engaging content and fostering online communities. Additionally, her event management proficiency adds another layer to her versatile skill set. Evlyne is not just good at what she does; she’s a winner in storytelling and a champ in communication.