Executive Team

Iddi Juma

Science Communicator

Iddi Juma is a dedicated professional with a background in Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Technology. Currently working as a graphic designer and personnel in website management at Aqua Farms Organization (AFO), I combine my passion for science with my creative skills to effectively communicate scientific information to a wider audience.

With a strong understanding of aquatic science and fisheries technology, I am enthusiastic about leveraging my expertise to contribute meaningfully to the field of science communication. Through my role at AFO, I strive to enhance visual and digital communication strategies to effectively convey complex scientific concepts in a clear and engaging manner.

As an ambitious science communicator, I am committed to continuous growth and learning in order to make science more accessible and engaging for diverse audiences. I am excited about the opportunity to further develop my skills and contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge.