Executive Team

Prisca Issangya

Co-founding member

Prisca John Issangya is an accomplished aquatic scientist with vast experience in the fields of marine biology, fisheries, and conservation. She has a master’s degree in marine biology from Zhejiang Ocean University and has worked in various capacities in these fields for over six years. Prisca has a passion for working with communities, particularly women, and believes that they play a vital role in the fisheries sector, even though their contributions often go unrecognized. She is an advocate for capacity building among women, which she believes is crucial to improving coastal livelihoods and ensuring the sustainable use of aquatic resources.

Her experience working as a researcher at the Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute and as a Senior Technical Support Engineer at Microsoft (Wicresoft) in China has equipped her with technical skills that are crucial in driving change in the fisheries sector.

Prisca is a visionary leader who believes in the power of education, mentorship, and partnerships
to achieve sustainable development in the fisheries sector.