Executive Team

Emmanuel Mpina

Co-founding member

Emmanuel began his professional career in 2016 as a founding member and the first Deputy Executive Secretary at Aqua Farm Organization. Since then, he has consistently offered invaluable technical support, document reviews, and advisory role. He then joined Sea Sense where he worked for 6 years on marine wildlife conservation.

In 2022 Emmanuel joined the Nature Conservancy as a Marine Spatial Planning Coordinator of the United Republic of Tanzania (CLICK HERE) including Mainland and Zanzibar. He provides technical support and implementation of the Africa Ocean Protection and Resilience Strategy. Emmanuel works closely with the Africa Fisheries Team, the GIS regional team, the TNC Africa Oceans Strategy, and the Global Oceans Team. He supports the development of the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for the MSP and Blue Economy and the cultivation of diplomatic relationships with the government and Blue Economy development partners and donors. Emmanuel oversees the scoping study of the MSP, which includes policy, legal, and institutional analysis, and spatial data. He provides technical advice and scientific support on the development of the National Blue Economy, the Africa Fisheries Strategy, and ecosystem mapping. Emmanuel has diversified knowledge on fisheries-related scientific principles and practices, research, analysis, and writing, capacity building, project cycle management and community-conservation-based projects. He actively supports the project implementation of the USAID funded project and fundraising for and climate change resilience for marine biodiversity conservation. He holds a primary focus in Marine Spatial Planning, Sustainable Blue Economy, nature bonds, blue carbon, FishPath approach, fisheries co-management, large scale fisheries through electronic monitoring and community-based conservation among others. Emmanuel holds a B.Sc. in Aquatic Science and Fisheries and MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing, both from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.