Empowering Change: Introducing The Africa Fair Seaweed Finance Facility

In a world grappling with the effects of climate change, the need for sustainable and resilient aquaculture practices has never been more pressing. Shallow water seaweed farmers, particularly in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region (Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique), are facing unprecedented challenges. Lower yields and an increased prevalence of disease are symptomatic of the […]

Our January-March journey on the Mangrove Blue Carbon Project

The first quarter was so fast paced having a number of activities and targets we had to achieve as we set out for the project. 1.  Research to support the carbon credit project Stakeholders Mapping & Risk Analysis The social-economic drivers for mangrove loss at the sites in Tanzania. Mapping mangrove ecosystem service and use […]


We are so excited to share our recent participation in the 2024 NEWF Fellows Summit & Congress, which was held at the Elangen & Maharani Southern Hotel in Durban, South Africa from February 26th to March 1st, 2024. The NEWF Fellows Summit & Congress is an annual convergence of minds, bringing together scientists, storytellers, filmmakers, […]

2024 ANNUAL RETREAT : Recapping Our Retreat Activity

As we look back on our recent Annual Staff Retreat 2024, it’s clear that we hopped on an unforgettable journey of team bonding, planning, and growth. From February 22nd to February 27th, we gathered together for a week filled with good fellowship, laughter, and strategic brainstorming for the year ahead. One of the highlights of […]

Africa Celebrates World Ocean’s Day in style!

While not everyone has access to the ocean or lives along the coast – every single human on this planet is greatly dependent and affected by this pulsing liquid life force that surrounds us. This World Oceans Day, in a combined effort between South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon and Tanzania – the ocean was brought to […]

Sus Blue Shop: Enhancing Sustainable Seaweed Farming and Fisheries in Zanzibar

The Aqua-Farms Organization works through a community-based approach that aims at enhancing the proper utilization of aquatic resources, food access, and income generation to the community through research, training, workshops, and collaboration in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries. Seaweed farming in Tanzania is unique in that over 80% of its farmers are women. Seaweed farming constitutes […]

New Hope in the Horizon: Upscaling Deep Water Tubular Net Seaweed Farming Technology To Coastal Communities of Tanzania: Initiative by AFO and SeaPower, supported by Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA)

Seaweed farming is a crucial industry in Tanzania, supporting different coastal communities and adding to the country’s financial advancement. However, shallow-water seaweed farmers are experiencing critical obstructions that imperil their farming methods. These obstructions incorporate flighty weather patterns, expanding ocean temperatures, and shoddy farming methods that outcome in low efficiency. Traditionally, the shallow waters along […]